Introducing Scotland’s premier destination for convenient concrete, mortar, and screed collection – the country’s very first Drive-Thru Station!

NOW OPEN! We’re thrilled to announce Scotland’s first-ever drive-thru solution for concrete, mortar, and screed collections, known as ‘fibo Collect’.

Experience the convenience of fibo Collect, a state-of-the-art automated batching plant that puts the power in your hands. With just a simple push of a button, builders, landscapers, and DIY enthusiasts can now collect the precise amount of material they require.

Gone are the days of on-site mixing, long waits at local ready-mix plants, and dealing with minimum order delivery charges and waste disposal hassles. With fibo Collect, you can start placing orders as low as 0.25m3, ensuring you get exactly what you need without any excess.

This facility is now up and running so prepare to revolutionise the way you collect construction materials!

Cartmore and fibo Collect – the journey in just 15secs!


How Does it Work?

  1. Contact our office in person or by phone on 01592 781800.
  2. Advise our sales staff what mix and quantity you require – we have 48 pre-programmed concrete, screed and mortar mixes.
  3. Advise us whether you want this material loaded onto the back of your vehicle loose or into a 0.25m2 tub.
  4. If you require a tub, we will charge £80.00 plus vat for the empty tub and when this is returned in a clean, undamaged and empty condition we will refund £60.00 plus vat. This must be paid at time of order or charged to your account.
  5. Our sales staff will process your invoice which will either be charged to your account or require you to make payment and we will produce an invoice / advice note and QR code for the material you need.
  6. If uplifting, take your invoice / advice note and QR code to our concrete plant through our secure gates and our staff will assist you from there.
  7. If you require a delivery, please arrange this with our sales staff
  8. It is important that you clarify before mixing and dispensing that the mix on your invoice / advice note / quotation and QR code document is what you require. No alterations or refunds possible after mixing commenced.

For smaller loads under 0.8m3, expect a rapid mixing and pouring time of less than five minutes. Larger loads may vary accordingly.

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    Want to save money? – Download our fibo Collect v Site Mixing Comparison guide here

    Please Note:

    • Minimum quantity 0.25m2
    • Available in tubs or loose onto your vehicle / trailer.
    • No maximum quantity.
    • Deliveries can be arranged depending on distance and product- all deliveries will be made in 0.25m2 tubs.
    • All deliveries for non-credit account customers must be paid in full prior to manufacture.

    Our staff will be on hand to assist you.

    Enjoy a streamlined collection experience with our user-friendly four-step process, ensuring swift and accurate material acquisition for your projects.



    Experience a hassle-free collection process for concrete, mortar, and screed, revolutionizing the way you acquire materials.

    Discover the key benefits of our innovative fibo Collect solution:

    • Cost-effective: Say goodbye to minimum 1m3 charges! With our system, you only pay for the exact amount you need, making it a cost-efficient choice.
    • Time-saving: Our automated mixing technology ensures a quick and efficient process. Expect a mixing and pouring cycle of under 5 minutes, saving you valuable time.
    • Hassle-free: No need to book in advance. Simply turn up and collect your materials at your convenience, providing you with maximum flexibility.
    • Consistent quality: Our cutting-edge control panel guarantees high-quality and consistent results for all recipes, ensuring your construction projects are built to perfection.
    • Customisable orders: Order exactly what you need, starting from as little as 0.25m3. Choose from a range of concrete, mortar, or screed recipes, tailored to your specific requirements.
    • Versatile collection options: Collect your materials loose either on the back of your pick up, lorry or trailer or use a mortar tub, allowing you to adapt to your preferred method of transportation.
    • Environmentally friendly: Our solution minimizes waste by precisely weighing the exact quantities of materials required for each order, promoting sustainability in construction practices.

    Prepare for an exceptional collection experience with the fibo Collect machine, capable of producing an impressive 12m3 per hour. Embrace a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and adaptable solution that meets all your construction needs.

    Recipe Variety

    Experience the versatility of fibo Collect, providing an extensive range of both standard and customized recipes for concrete, mortar, and screed. With this innovative solution, customers have full control over the workability of their chosen material.

    Unlock different possibilities with our array of additives, including retarder and air entrainer, which enhance the performance of mortar.

    Retarder is blended with mortar to extend its setting time, while air entrainer increases the amount of trapped air, enhancing workability and frost protection. By precisely balancing the appropriate amounts of retarder and air entrainer, the workability of mortar can be maintained for up to 3 days, available as 1-day, 2-day, or 3-day mortar options.

    Discover the flexibility of fibo Collect, allowing you to achieve your desired material characteristics. Tailor your construction projects with our dynamic recipes, designed to meet your specific needs.

    With fibo Collect, take charge of your workability preferences and elevate your construction endeavors to new heights.

    Collection Methods

    Customers will be able to collect their concrete, mortar or screed in two ways :

    1. On the back of a trailer, flatbed truck or pick up.
    2. Poured into mortar tubs (0.25m3 each) which can then be loaded onto a truck, trailer or van at the branch.

    Our Delivery Service

    We will also be looking to offer a new tub delivery service. Here customers will be able to order mortar, screed and concrete in tubs for local delivery or even further afield if mortar is retarded. 


    General Questions

    What are the costs of concrete, mortar and screed collections?

    Pricing is completely dependent on the recipe on order, the Fibo Collect machine is capable of mixing up to 60 unique recipes including bespoke recipes on demand. To obtain a full competitive quote just email the branch with your recipe requirements and volume required. E –

    No minimum order fees are charged, ultimately customers only pay for what they need.

    How much does it cost to buy a tub?

    Forklift tubs currently cost £86 +VAT. For any further information, just give us a call.

    Do you offer a delivery service?

    Yes, we offer a full tub delivery service. Please give us a call to find out more information.

    How much is the delivery charge?

    Give us a call for more information.

    Can I pre-order the material, so it is ready on my arrival?

    Yes, we now offer a pre-order service. Please give us a call to find out more about this service.

    What is the process for making collections?

    Simply by following these 4 steps…

    1. Begin by placing your order at the designated till point.
    2. Receive a unique barcode to utilize at the user-friendly fibo Collect touch screen terminal.
    3. Position your vehicle or tub conveniently beneath the conveyor belt.
    4. Scan your barcode and confirm the order to initiate the mixing process.

    Mix Questions

    What is the smallest volume I can order?

    Our Fibo Collect machine is set up to mix from as little as 0.25m3 in one single cycle.

    What is the largest volume I can order?

    There is no set limit on the maximum volume that customers can order. Your average 0.8m3 cycle will take around 4 minutes in total therefore in 1 hour you could mix up to 12m3 of material.

    How long will mortar collections last?

    Up to 3 days, here’s how: Retarder is an additive that is combined with mortar to slow down its setting time, while air entrainer is added to increase the amount of air trapped in the mortar, making it more workable and gives it more frost protection.

    With the right amount of retarder and air entrainer mortar workability can last for 3 days and is sold as either 1-day, 2-day or 3-day mortar.

    What mixes are available for collection and delivery?

    As a standard we have around 45 pre-programmed receipes to cover most of the everyday use cases encountered by our customers.

    We also have the capacity to offer customers special bespoke recipes which can be pre-programmed prior to collection. Have you got a special recipe requirement? Just email the volumes across to

    Is the screed suitable for flooring?

    Yes, but the exact ratio can vary depending on factors such as the desired thickness, strength, and drying time of the screed.

    It’s important to consult with the manufacturer’s guidelines or a structural engineer to determine the appropriate ratio for your specific application.

    Can you make different coloured mortar mixes?

    No, no colour additives can be added to the mortar mix.

    Can I choose what slump to make the concrete?

    Each type of concrete has different slumps you can choose from at the till.

    Tub Questions

    How heavy is a full tub of Standard 4:1 mortar?

    A typical mortar or slab mix is around 400kg. Always check the exact weight and vehicle payloads before using the machine.

    How heavy is a full tub of Standard C10 concrete?

    A typical paving concrete will weigh in at around 550kg. Always check the exact weight and vehicle payloads before using the machine.

    Can I use my own mortar tub?

    Yes, customers are welcome to collect using their own tubs.

    How do I get a full tub in and out of my van?

    We have a forklift on site and are ready to help you get your tub onto the back of any vehicle providing the weight is in line with the vehicle payloads.

    Most customers either use a forklift at site or alternatively shovel straight into a wheelbarrow.

    What are the dimensions of a tub?

    The typical dimensions of a 250l forklift tub are : length 1170mm x width 760mm x height 560mm.

    If you have any other questions about the Fibo Collect service, give us a call on 01592 781800, email us at or use the contact form below:

    *For more information on the fibo Collect concept visit