Springing Into Action with Drive Through Ready-mix

Springing Into Action with Drive Through Ready-mix

The warming sun of Spring signals a surge in construction as we are all gearing up to bring new projects to life. However, the logistics of material sourcing and delivery often become a time-consuming hurdle. Enter fibo Collect, the revolutionary solution which offers the convenience of collecting ready-mix essentials like ready mix concrete, mortar, and screed from your local builder merchant.

In this post, we explore some examples showing how fibo Collect is transforming the industry, providing a hassle-free solution with more efficiency. The beauty of the machine is down to the diverse range of people who can use it whether you’re landscaping, laying bricks, preparing patios or driveways, or a DIY aficionado venturing into the world of construction fibo Collect can help. Lets dive in.


Convenience Through Customisation

At the heart of our decision to bring a fibo Collect machine to Lochgelly, Fife, is the customisable experience it offers. Whether you need a specific mix design, a tailored volume, or a unique collection time, the platform gives you full control. “Time is money” and we don’t take that saying lightly. fibo Collect boasts outstanding lead times – from placing your order to collecting your mix in a matter of minutes not hours. With this solution the supply of ready-mix can be based on your schedule, not ours and that’s what we believe makes us different. 

Landscaper: Bedding Mortar

Your timeline is tight, and precision is non-negotiable. fibo Collect empowers you with the perfect blend of efficiency and quality. With our service, you could simply call in for paving slabs and Type 1, while effortlessly collecting a mix of bedding mortar on the same trip.

Landscapers thrive on uniformity in materials. Our consistent mix design ensure that the quality of your bedding mortar is never a guessing game. No more faffing with a mixer on site. 

Brick Layers: Mortar Mix

For the bricklayer, timing is everything. What if getting your mortar to site was as straightforward as adding tubs to a delivery of bricks? fibo Collect makes this a reality. Our service is a bricklayer’s dream, simplifying the process with the ability to add 1 day, 2 day or 3 day mortar onto a delivery or just calling into collect on your way to the job. 

Groundworker: C10 Utility Trench Fill 

Groundworkers often need to fill utility trenches after pipe or cable installation, restoring the ground’s integrity and preventing collapses.The nature of this work is in and out with lots of travel between jobs. By positioning the machine strategically at our Lochgelly branch we can now offer the unparalleled convenience of being able to collect and go without any logistical juggle.

DIY’er: C20 for Shed Base

Let’s look at this from the perspective of the budding DIYer and assume your planning to put up a 3m x 2.4m shed and you need to lay a foundation. Typically, a concrete foundation for a shed might be around 100mm (0.1m) to 150mm (0.15m) deep. Let’s assume you’re going for a 100mm depth for your foundation. The volume of concrete needed can be calculated using the formula Volume = Length × Width × Depth so its 3m × 2.4m × 0.1m = 0.72 cubic meters. Thats a 10 minute job for the fibo Collect and may be collected in two trips depending on your vehicle. Just ask a member of the team for advice. 

Final Thoughts

We invite you to partake in our vision and witness the transformation of your Spring projects, powered by the unrivalled convenience and efficiency of fibo Collect ready-mix.  Say goodbye to logistical complexity, minimum order charges, long waiting times. This Spring, make the smart choice for your projects and give the fibo Collect a go to experience the essence of convenience.