We are moving!

Please note we are moving our Lochgelly business premises from Cartmore Industrial Estate, Lochgelly. KY5 8LL.
(formerly known as Andrew Antenna / Commscope) just off the A92

We will close at 5pm on Thursday 20th May 2021 and reopen in our new premises at 7.30 am on Tuesday 25th May 2021.
Please note that during our moving period we will be unable to serve customers and no materials can be supplied or received by us during this period.

We will be closed for all other functions other than moving our business.
We regret having to close for this period but it is the only way we can ensure our move causes everyone as few problems as possible.

Please help us make this transition as smoothly as possible by adhering to our request to not phone us or call on us in person during this period.
I.T. will obviously also be down for this period although any emails issued in our down period will be forwarded to us once I.T. is up and running again.

We will also not be in a position to answer phone calls to our business number, individual mobile numbers / texts / messenger / website traffic / what’s app communications etc until at least 7.30 am on Tuesday 25th May.
Our new premises will offer us a great opportunity to service your requirements in a better and more professional manner and we look forward to welcoming you to our new home.

Please note that all phone numbers including our main number 01592 781800 and email addresses will remain the same after our move although we will no longer be contactable via fax.